Ryan Gosling’s New Workout: girls and traffic

April 4, 2012

Ryan Gosling’s no stranger to fitness, but his latest fitness regimen is out of this world: find girls who are deluded into thinking they can stop traffic, and saving them just as their said illusion is about to be shattered. Finding such a girl in New York city, Ryan reached out and saved Laurie Penny, […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss

January 4, 2012

Looking to get started on your weight loss journey, but have a ton of questions about a range of topics? The boys over a Reddit have made a fantastic infographic that covers the basics of starting a new weight loss program. This includes what kind of workouts you should be doing, what kind of foods […]

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Best Way to Burn Fat: Interval Exercise vs. Regular Exercise

November 16, 2011

We’ve all been told that interval training is better for losing weight and getting in shape. Not only do you burn more fat during the workout, but you also continue to burn fat for hours after your workout. But precisely how much more effective is interval training than regular cardio workouts? A researcher with blah […]

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Why I Made the “Burn Fat Fast” site:

August 15, 2011

When I went off to University I wanted to learn everything I could about health and fitness in order to stay in shape. I didn’t want the “Freshman 15″ to happen to me. But I found such contradictory information out there I soon became discouraged. I ended up gaining a Freshman “25”! How did that […]

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